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Backup Logs

The backup log is a feature of backup applications that records the events that occur during a backup process. If and when a problem occurs during the backup process, the log will record the error messages created by the backup application when the error occurred

To check the backup logs go to Synconix Dashboard >> Logs >> Backup Logs 

Additional Information:

In the backup logs, you will find additional information about the backup process like:

  • Log filtering - you will be able to find out the logs exceed certain data set 
  • Search - searching logs for keywords, such as backup status, error, etc. 
  • Status - represents the status of each operation performed in Synconix. For example, for a cron created at a restore, you will find as Status Complete / Successful 
  • Message - represents the action message made in Synconix or will show in case of an error the type and where the error occurred. 
  • Date - will display the date and time when the action/event occurred 

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