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Synconix Backup Management Panel

  1. Fresh VPS with root access ( CentOS , RedHat or Oracle Linux ) 7.x OS and internet access.
  2. SELinux disabled

  3. 2 GB RAM , 2 CPU core , 20 GB disk space to / partition.
  4. network access to production servers ( server that will be backed up ) via SSH
  5. network access to storage server ( server where the backups will be stored ) via SSH
How to disable SELinux
# sed -i s/^SELINUX=.*$/SELINUX=disabled/ /etc/selinux/config
# reboot
# sestatus
SELinux status:                 disabled

Why VPS ?

Installing the management panel on a VPS server makes it easy for you to migrate it across your network and backing up ( yes , is possible with Synconix as file system backup ) or snapshots for a quick restore.

If possible we recommend you to assign multiple private networks ( NICs ) to this server in order to use a dedicated backup network and the internet public network be used only for Licensing and Updates.
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