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User Activity Logs

These logs contain all the events, the actions made by each user, including the administrator user. 

The user's activity log provides an administrator with a record of system events from which actions and possible inconveniences caused by a user in the Synconix application can be determined. 

To check the User Activity logs go to Synconix Dashboard >> Logs >> User Activity Logs 

Additional Information:

In the User Activity logs, you will find additional information about the backup process like:

  • Log filtering - you will be able to find out the logs exceed certain data set 
  • Search - searching logs for keywords, such as backup status, error, etc. 
  • Date - will display the date and time when the action/event occurred 
  • IP Address - will display the Ip address from where the user logged in. 
  • Username - the username of the person who has access to the Synconix Dashboard 
  • Action - represents the action done by the user, such as restore, login, etc. 
  • New values - represents the actual action performed by a user in simple and easy to understand terms. 

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