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titleAdditional Information:

In Backup Points, you will find additional information related to the selected backup.

  • Schedule name: The name Schedule is given to its creation. (Create schedule).                                        Example:   Schedule name:  cPanel - (2021-01-13 23:55:54)  
  • Production server: The name of the production server for which the backup procedure was chosen.      Example:  Production server: cpanel.server  
  • Storage server: Where is the backup of the production server on the storage server. (Add Storage).      Example:   Storage server: storage.centos.demo  
  • Location: Here you will be able to see the backup location where it was created on the storage server.    Example:  Location: /cpanel/ac3478d69a3c81fa62e60f5c3696165a4e5e6ac4mysql 
  • Size: You will be able to see the size of the databases related to the selected backup.
  • ExportedHere you will see the date when the database was exported from the production server to the backup server.

titleRestore options

After selecting the desired databases for which you want to back up presented in the previous steps, select the options in Restore Option as desired:

  • Import directly to the MySQL Server -   The selected databases or tables will be imported in the MySQL server and it will overwrite any existing data. 
  • Restore selected as MySQL dump export files - Restoring the database or table will be done to a chosen location. The full destination path is required!

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